Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My New Helper - santá's little helper :)

Introducing to you....... Maizakiah Ayu! An engineer turned baker!

I hope I don't get too used to her helping around because she won't be around for very long! But... though first time... she's already really good! She made 30 christmas trees in 3 hours! Not bad at all!!! Yeah!!!

Thanks so much dear... baking was so much fun with u around!

How is Frank? (her little snowman)

Christmas cup-a-cake (Part 2) - The Flavors

Flavor 1: Cranberry - what is christmas without cranberries??

I never knew how nice dried cranberries are till today!!

Flavor 2: Mixed Fruit - naturally....

Yumm yumm... as u bite, you get to taste all the different fruits! Yum!

And voila! All the different designs with bigger cup-a-cakes. Much nicer-eh? Fits the box better! I have to customize my holders soon!

Look out for the Part 3 when I finalize the flavors! I already have a few up my sleeves! Seriously need to find the time now. Very busy week.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

My Christmas cup-a-cakes range (Part 1)

More experiments with royal icing! So much fun I'm telling u..

For my christmas cup-a-cakes.. I will be having 4 designs and 4 flavors...

Design 1: Candy Cane! Thx sher!

Design 2: Snowman

Design 3: Snowflakes (not happy with em yet...)

Design 4: Christmas Trees

Giving you 4 designs in one box! I've decided to make the cup-a-cakes bigger...

They will make such a nice gift for christmas yea?

Coming up next... Christmas 4 Flavors!

For more enquiries / to order, email me - cupacakes@gmail.com

My 1st 2007 Christmas GIFT!!!

I've never looked forward to seeing the postman as much as this time! The package from Sherene has finally arrived. Click here for the first part....

That is such a big box! I mean I seriously did not expect so many stuffs!! Let me go through all the things she sent... I was wow-ing all the way!

My best christmas gift ever! Price-less!

1. Sprinkles! This is really good because it has all! And it's so easy to use...

Sher: I really wanted this!!!

2. Mini cookie cutters!!! Yea!!! The thing I have been waiting for!!

Sher: This is among my very very wanted & needed item!

June: I hope u din get this as well??

3. Bags to keep cookies & stuffs!

Sher: It's so nice I don't think I'll ever have the heart to use them...

4. More sprinkles!!! Trust me... one can never have enough of sprinkles! I'll have to show u guys my collections one day.... This mini little sugary sprinkles are not cheap I tell u!

Sher: ..................... *speechless*

5. Snowman fun pix

Sher: I tried not to get these because I might just get too addicted to them! Very sayang to use.. U are spoiling me! This is too much!

6. Zipper seals

7. Silicone scraper

Sher: Those will definitely come in handy!!!

8. Candy Canes (big & small)! Yummmmm

Sher: Perfect for something Í plan to do! Best part is... it's sold in Penang too!!!

9. Jumbo cookie CUTTTERs!

Sher: Yeahhhhh! Love u lots! Thanks so much!!!

THANK YOU Sherene... really appreciate it!

Tropical Birthday Cupcakes

Got a new order from Chen Yi. She wants to do it for her friend's birthday. Her friend loves bananas and anything chocolate. The colour theme she gave me to work with was green, brown & yellow. Base to be chocolate banana and vanilla topping.

The first thing that came to my mind with all those combination is a very tropical feeling.

I managed to get this really nice coconut trees... which will be perfect for the tropical feel I hope to create. I was hoping to find banana trees actually, but oh well... I think these are nicer!

For the middle part of the cup-a-cake, I added mini chocolate swirls... lots of it because Chen Yi mentioned her friend's love for chocs. And to blend in the yellow colour, I handpicked the yellow round sugars... only yellow to be added around it. I wanted to give it a sandy feel using brown sugar at first but I'm afraid it'd be TOO sweet! Also added mini hearts and silver dagarees - kinda like my signature now...

And to top it off... chocolate biscuit! They kinda look like tree trunks with it's top cut off..

And into the box it goes! I hope they (chenyi & friend) likes this tropical idea!

Happy Birthday _____________!!!

(ps: can give me a name to fill it in??)

Christmas Mood!

Do you know that before I started baking cup-a-cakes... I wanted to get into cookies!? Or like how I call them.... coo-kees! But since I've gone crazy with cup-a-cakes... I barely have time for my coo-kees...

Anyway, with christmas around the corner, I baked some gingerbread cookies. I wanted to wait till my christmas cookie cutters arrive but well... patience is not something I quite have!

I did two shapes - flowers & star

And I had some really fun time playing with royal icing but I definitely need more practice! Very bad royal icing works... Though the recipe this time is good enough. It hardens better than my previous 'tries'!
The taste however, I'm quite happy with. A nice blend... Will try them again once my cookie cutters arrive! YEA!

Friday, November 23, 2007


In conjunction with the "Christmas Calling",
For all the orders I received and will receive in December...
30% of each sales
will go to Charity!
so... start placing your orders today!
The simplest way for you to make a DIFFERENCE!

UPDATE on Christmas Calling!

I've been getting some really good feedbacks for my "Christmas Calling"
On 16th December, I have 2 functions simultaneously.
One is for St Vincent Dé Paul
the other is for the homeless @ St Joseph!
Total I'll be baking for them is about 1,000 cupcakes!
I should be doing them on 14th & 15th December
For those we can help out... please send me an email!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A pressie from a very dear friend!

I received a belated birthday gift from a very dear friend (mel g) recently... and yes! They are baking related... even the card!

I absolutely love hallmarks!! The card is so nice!!! Look @ the 3-d mixer! Thanks Mel! You really know my taste....

And this is the book from her.... more recipes! Yeah!!!

Mel... thank you so much! Hugggssssss


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thank YOU Sher!!!

I received a package today.... and I was so happy to find what was inside! Sherene sent me Christmas Card, with a letter and a magazine with more than 70 Holiday Cookies recipes by Betty Crocker! I have actually been trying to look for something specifically on Christmas Recipe and she is one step ahead!

Both Sher & June will be sending me Christmas cookie cutters and a lot of other baking stuffs. I'm already so happy and touched! Seriously. They are so thoughtful! I've been searching hi & lo around Penang for christmas stuffs and trust me! Not easy!!! I nearly ordered some stuffs from KL already. Luckily they told me....

Mr Postman, please hurry! I cannot wait much longer!

Thanks Sherene & Peter for the card & recipe!


PS: your favour... I will definitely remember and do!!!

Happy Anniversary to June's Parents!!!

My very good friend from States, June whom I've known since Std 1 wanted me to make some fruit cheese tarts & lemon mango cup-a-cakes for her mom. This one in particular is extra challenging for me because like myself, June loves to bake & so does her mom! We can never stop talking if the topic of baking and new ideas come up. She has also been a great supporter for my new baking interest.

She wanted cheese tarts topped with fruits. My 'chef' advised me to select strawberries, kiwis and peaches for a nice colour combo - I'm glad I listened. Seriously so nice!

The 3 fruits give it a very nice combination taste wise as well...

I packaged them in a small box which fits the 12-tarts perfectly! Added ribbons to make it look more like a gift :)

Lemon & Mango base top with up-to-me... So well, for the base, i used fresh lemon zest & mangoes. The mangoes are really sweet! It'll definitely make the cupcakes sweeter.... But the lemon zest really brings out the smell! Yumm yummm..

June only wanted 12 but I made 15 for her... with one jumbo sized as the centre-piece. She has been bugging me to tell her how much all this will cost but Í have decided for this to be a gift for her. She's been such a great support, this is the LEAST I can do! I'm risking not having future biz from her...! I hope not.... She's too nice to do that... Please accept this, ok?

She wanted to keep it simple...

She loves dagarees... I made a heart shaped love using dagarees, heart shaped sugar and to give it the height, I used milk rocky! As for the icing, I did mango icing to blend with the base... June asked me to use as little icing as possible... I left it at a rose swirl. Note: To all cup-a-cake lovers, don't worry about not liking the icing! You can always take it off the top! It's just to make it pretty! But do give it a try... at least a bit. Sinful but Y.U.m.M.Y!

And finally, into the box with a carrier...

The message...

With love from June, the brother & her hubby!

Added some ribbons as the final touch... chill it a while.... and I'm ready to deliver!


Pink cup-a-cakes for a lil gal!

My sis-in-law recently gave birth to the cutest baby boy, Jayden... They stayed over our place during confinement together with confinement lady whom I got a long very well with!

Today's her last day and she wanted to make something special for her god daughter who is 5 today. She's been watching me bake and testing em for the past whole month! :)

She requested choc chip with strawberry icing and that's exactly what I did!

I topped it with sugar hearts and round-pastel-coloured sugars to make it more colourful!

And 5 candles signifying her turning 5 today! Used a different packaging this time. This one has no handle and does not need and boards to support. Simple & nice!

Finally, I stored it in the freezer to set for a while before she takes it bake home! A very hot day today...