Saturday, September 29, 2007

A busy day today....

First it was a refreshment buffet for OSIM's function @ Manila Place....
I used the cupcake tree for their 3-flavor cup-a-cakes...
Looks really impressive on the buffet table!

And then we rushed over to Bangkok Lane for an art gallery's opening ceremony.

They just wanted some simple finger food for their opening...

I prepared 4 silver trays of cup-a-cakes (3 flavours) & we served them together with fresh fruit platter, cheese tarts, fruits tarts and some sandwiches!

Luckily we brought some table clothes... and the big flower bouquet they have... made it


We did not get to stay on to see how much they enjoyed our dessert buffet...

Crossing my fingers! Hopefully they do!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

New Venture - Cheese Tarts!

Cheese tarts are one of my most favourite bites!
My friend taught me how to make them the other day...
And today, I did them on my own!
Not too bad... quite successful I'd say.
I filled them with strawberry & chocolate cheese tarts!
Yumm Yumm... I'm definitely a choc person;
Not so much of a strawberry person but
can't help making strawberries because they are so pretty!

Another type of packaging

This type of packaging is suitable for 16 - 30 pcs of mini cup-a-cakes...

It gives a very clean & neat look... very pretty!

This packaging is slightly cheaper - an additional of RM3 only

cup-a-cakes packaging

Fits 12 - 14 mini cupcakes perfectly

Comes together with a see-thru lid

And a convenient handle

This packaging is ideal for 12 -14 pcs of mini cupcakes for any functions!

If you like this packaging, it will be an additional RM5

say it with cup-a-cakes!

Instead of sending little thank you notes or little "i miss you" or "i love you" messages...

WHY NOT.... say it with lil' cup-a-cakes?


Email me at with the following details:

1. How many pieces you want? (min 6)

2. What colours would you like? (preferably 2 colours)

3. The message! (keep it short & sweet)

4. Choice of flavor & icing? (min 12 per flavor) click here

5. When do you need the cup-a-cakes? (min 3 days upon confirmation)

6. How do you want your design? (with messages? swirls topping?)

6. Your name & contact number!

I shd respond to you within 1 - 3 days!


TINY cup-a-cakes: RM0.60 - RM1.00/pcs

MINI cup-a-cakes: RM1.00 - RM2.00/pcs

BIG cup-a-cakes: RM2.00- RM4.00/pcs

NOTE: Prices may vary accordingly to suit your design!

Friday, September 21, 2007

SPOTTED all over!!

time to get busy!!!

Strawberry cup-a-cakes 4 a strawberry lover!

this is my very very dear friend who had special requests for her cup-a-cake.

I kinda' leaked out that i want to do something for her birthday. She requested for fresh strawberries... and that was a good headstart for me. Fresh strawberries will make anything look pretty so it saved me a lot of headache to think of the design and etc.

For starters, she absolutely loves pink... from pastel to striking ones.. and she is also a big time chocolate lover! LOL...


SO, i did choc cupcakes with strawberry cream topped with fresh strawberries!!

Happy Birthday babe!! xoxoxox

Special cup-a-cake for my sis-in-law, Gillian!

A special cup-a-cake tree made specially for my sis-in-law.
I made chocolate chip cup-a-cake with lemon cream topping with
little orange fondant flower toppings!
Happy Birthday Gill...
(Sorry i could not attend ur dinner...)


To all who are celebrating.......
Have a great RAMADHAN month.....

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My L.A.T.E.S.T. Creation for KHOO!

I was very excited for his birthday because I get to create a
special cup-a-cakes birthday cake for him! My very first....
SO well, I decided to do a two-tier cup-a-cakes.
I made 20-choc chips cupcakes with peanut choc filling!
Yumm Yumm... And the cream is also choc peanut butter...
Ideal for peanut butter lovers!
We managed to arrange a lil surprise party for him @ Manila Place.
I think he was surprised! And I hope he really did enjoy it! :)

I am so looking forward to make my next birthday cake or special cup-a-cake! This year especially, I am so looking forward to everyone's birthday... Thanks Ah Ming for allowing me to use YOU! Have a great birthday tomorrow!