Wednesday, December 26, 2007

With love from Shaun

Shaun messaged me late one night and asked if I could help him bake for the gf's birthday. Shaun is a dear friend since college. He's taught me lots about lots *grin*.... and he's my personal computer designer... He knows my taste :) In short, a good good buddy...

So anyway, back to his cupcake.... We decided on plain vanilla with white choc topped with strawberries.

Shaun was not sure where he's keeping the cakes yet. He's picking it up early in the morning. So I decided to keep them frozen so that it will be just nice for dinner! :)

And here he is! My buddy, Shaun who came to personally pick up his cupcakes and also for a quick catch up. Havent seen him in a long long while.... Thanks Buddy!

Happy Belated Birthday to ur gal....

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