Saturday, December 15, 2007

More on Christmas Calling~!!

Today... we've been busy preparing for tomorrow's visit to the orphanages... I've baked the cakes already... today, a couple of santa's lil helpers are coming over to bake! or should i say finish up with the toppings!

we had a total of 12 trays of 36 cupcakes (432pcs) to decorate. Started at approximately 11.00am. First, there was 3... then slowly, one by one came to make this event more meaningful!

First we fill up the cup with icing... smoothen it... then design on it! Sounds easy eh!?

Our 4 designs of the day!

A new design! Thanks to snowflakes sprinkles sent by Sherene!

Santa's lil helpers - Suzanne, Joanne, Chen Yi, Meri, Ayu & Murni! Uncle Norman was ard too! I hope they all had as much fun as I did watching them! :)

All together on one tray..... :) We'll be giving 3 trays for the morning function @ IC Church for the St Vincent D' Paul... 1 tray for suzanne to bring to a home tonight (forgot the name) and 7 trays for LightHouse & Sunshine tomorrow afternoon! Another busy busy day ahead... We'll do more decoratings tomorrow..

Don't my freezer look so christmas-y? Love it!

Tomorrow's the day when we give back to the community!

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