Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cup-a-cake brings C.H.E.E.R! (part 2)

With 7 big boxes filled with cupcakes, we made our way to Lighthouse.

Before this, I had no idea whatsoever what it was at all! I have often wondered what becomes of the beggars & homeless people around Penang. Little did I know that there is a special place where they can go as when they like to get a proper bath and food. But this home don't just stop here. They go all out trying to help these people hoping to give them a new life where they will become financially independent and no longer homeless. It is not necessarily just for people who are beggars and homeless. It is also a place where people who are lonely can go to. It is a place which offers you hope and a new beginning... This is why they are known as "Penang Office for Human Development".

This is how Lighthouse looks like inside & out

Our delivery team arrived with loads of happy cupcakes to bring cheer! There were lots of other foods prepared for them as well - fried beehoon (sponsored by EQ Hotel) & finger foods as a part of the Christmas & New Year celebration.

The event started off with some games outdoor

and then indoors

The carollers were there to serenade us all into christmas mood. They are so good!

Then Santa Claus made his appearance once again! Giving out goodies to all who were there. This Santa is so much fun. You can see how excited everyone was waiting for their turn with Santa to come... It is the most rewarding gift to see their faces lit up by such simple gestures..

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to ALL!

Yummy yummy food enough to serve us also!

And finally... it's makan makan time!

Helpers going around to distribute the cupcakes...

Among the many recipients of the cupcakes is also the Bishop!

And the people who helped out in making the cupcakes possible!

Thanks all!

I planned on bringing cheer to the poor/homeless/orphanages today but I think I received the biggest gift of all - the true meaning of christmas. I have never felt christmas as much as I have today....

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esther said...

i love your cupcakes! you've done a deed by blessing these people with your lovely cupcakes!